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by Oliver Davies.

"Say...let's talk a little bit more, the two of us."


My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

i’m gonna be that immature brat that whines about how the anime is cutting out the cute interactions between Hitsugi and Chitaru because I don’t really care for the other changes, I’m just super BUTTHURT about my lack of otp moments like there was in the manga.

LIKE WHERE IS CHITARU SAYING “It makes me worried to see people like Kirigaya and Ichinose here” IT WAS IN HER VOICE PREVIEW DON’T TEASE ME IF YOU’RE NOT GONNA USE IT unless they bumped it to a later episode which in that case GIVE ME THAT EPISODE NOW akjsdfl;kajd.


JUNG SOOYEON ~album through the years  *requested by anon
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